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   Aug 08

The rites of passage we didn’t have, and the ones we did.

During this season there is always an online flurry of activity from parents whose children are graduating from one grade to another, starting a new stage of their education and the pride and joy of the parents is palpable. I understand feeling that sense of love and excitement over my children’s’ achievements and I wholeheartedly [...]

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   Dec 21

The Learning Circle: Winter

Today is the Winter Solstice, and the beginning of the winter season! During the darkest time of the year, we find many celebrations of light, symbols of warmth, and gratitude for life. In many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, our activities are mostly indoor as the weather becomes cold and unpredictable. Still, there are many [...]

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   Sep 07

The Art of Death

This is a story I have been meaning to share: A year ago we lost a friend. He was the father in a family within our community and his death was sudden and unexpected. Understandably, this opened a conversation in our house that was both difficult and necessary, and in the end yielded beauty and [...]

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   Sep 19

Hacker Scouts: Judo Bots

Last Sunday we had another amazing Open lab session of Hacker Scouts. With over 50 kids (plus their parents!) it was a full and active hackerspace event! Our featured project was Hydraulic Judo Bots . Other activities offered were: Learn to Solder, various advanced Soldering Kits, Compressed Air Rockets, and an LED Light-Up Bracelet Kit. [...]

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   Sep 03

Hacker Scouts: Biospheres

Yesterday marked the inaugural Open Lab for our new adventure: Hacker Scouts. We had an amazing turnout with about 40 enthusiastic kids and their supportive parents! Our featured project was Biospheres (also see here), which half the kids decided to work on, with the other half choosing activities from our menu, including a Learn to Solder Kit, [...]

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   Aug 28

Hacker Scouts!

Back in March I wrote about the idea of a Hacker Scouts program addressing the needs of a progressive maker community and how my husband and I shared an attraction to joining or developing a structured program of helping our children develop skills in the areas they are truly interested in, abilities that would allow them [...]

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   Mar 12

Hacker Scouts FTW!

Recently Phillip Torrone wrote an excellent post on the history of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, pondering whether it wasn’t time for a new version of these programs that spoke to the technologically changing world. I think he hit the nail on the head. We have never participated in Scouts, or 4-H for that [...]

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   Dec 07

Mothership Hackermoms

When I became a mother, I don’t think I realized how much the journey would change me, how much it would make me a better person, how my art would suffer. I adore my kids but it has been hard at times putting my creative energy on hold because there are only so many hours [...]

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   Jul 24

East Bay Mini Maker Faire 2011- Call for entries!

The East Bay Mini Maker Faire has announced it’s call for entries for this coming Fall, due September 5th, 2011. Because the Maker Faire is full of, well, our kind of people- we hightailed it to the first Mini Maker Faire last year and despite the pouring rain, the dedicated crowd and enjoyable entries were [...]

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   Jul 24

An Ode to Two Computer Games

Oh Minecraft ! Thou art magnificent in your design! You thrust your pick-axe into the depths of my children’s minds and collect the fragments of literacy and mathematics buried in their genetic code with your own code of multidimensional strategy and awesomeness ! Through chat window they build their empires, through mining they stretch and [...]

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