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   Jun 12

Labels and Homeschooling

Inevitably, as someone who home educates, when you meet new families who also home educate the question comes up: What kind of homeschooler are you? Even within social/support groups that are almost all inclusive (in the area we live anyway), it always feels like a loaded question. There are many who feel passionate about what [...]

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   Feb 26

The Learning Circle: Beginning

While one of the benefits of homeschooling is the ability to work with your child one on one, it is certainly beneficial (and fun!) to work in a group towards a common goal as well. We see this model exemplified in classes, sports teams, and co-ops. Another way to accomplish this goal, in home education [...]

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   Aug 28

The Value of Community

It has taken me a week to fully process the value of the HSC Conference we attended last weekend. A phenomenal show of all that home education is and can be, our entire family was immersed in community for three days of learning, familiar friends and new acquaintances, and fun. From knitting to internet resources, [...]

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   Jul 30

Review: Secular Homeschooling Magazine

Let’s face it: Those of us who have decided to home educate our kids need a little support now and then. Between the torment of mainstream education gone wrong yet still pervasive in the mindset of the masses (Hello? Gatto’s Weapons of Mass Instruction anyone?) and the well meaning, or not, inquiries of loved ones [...]

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