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   Aug 08

The rites of passage we didn’t have, and the ones we did.

During this season there is always an online flurry of activity from parents whose children are graduating from one grade to another, starting a new stage of their education and the pride and joy of the parents is palpable. I understand feeling that sense of love and excitement over my children’s’ achievements and I wholeheartedly [...]

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   Jun 17

The Learning Circle: Spring

Spring! The earth coming back to life, the days growing warmer, the light returning! What a beautiful time of year as we turn outwards again. During the spring, all our activities revolve around strength and vitality, abundance and color.   In March, I focus on the theme of caring. This is an excellent time to [...]

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   Sep 07

The Art of Death

This is a story I have been meaning to share: A year ago we lost a friend. He was the father in a family within our community and his death was sudden and unexpected. Understandably, this opened a conversation in our house that was both difficult and necessary, and in the end yielded beauty and [...]

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   Sep 03

The Learning Circle: Fall

The Autumn is a lovely time of year. The days get crisper, the light lowers, the colors change into hues of yellow, orange and reds. It is the celebration of the harvest and the preparation for winter, moving into the darkest part of the year. It is an excellent and appropriate time to focus on [...]

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   Apr 13

A Letter on Home Education and Labels

Recently, there was a flurry of emails on a local Unschooling list regarding labels and structure. A friend of mine, who was homeschooled herself, wrote a beautiful response: Some humbly submitted thoughts on recent debates and why we all deserve a pat on the back… Back a long time ago, around the beginning of the [...]

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   Sep 13

A Maker Education

The other day I was interviewed by NPR about Hacker Scouts and I was asked an interesting question. The reporter asked me my opinion on the DIY program sites that are cropping up for kids like DIY.org and Maker Camp and a few more that are specifically utilizing an online presence to connect with kids [...]

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   May 12

Mom Enough, Technically Speaking.

Attachment parenting, while made a ‘style’ by Dr. Sears more recently, isn’t a new idea. It’s based on the things I love most: science and anthropology. Humans are animals, whether we like to admit it or not, and as such attend to our young in a particular way. In our case, mothers nurse their young [...]

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