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Hacker Scouts: Biospheres

   Sep 03

Hacker Scouts: Biospheres

Yesterday marked the inaugural Open Lab for our new adventure: Hacker Scouts. We had an amazing turnout with about 40 enthusiastic kids and their supportive parents! Our featured project was Biospheres (also see here), which half the kids decided to work on, with the other half choosing activities from our menu, including a Learn to Solder Kit, Drawdio! Kit, a Plushy Sewing Project, Using the Laser Cutter to produce original designs, Laser Cut Dino Puzzles, and Kinetic Mobile Art.  There was also a fantastic Hex Bug village built. We had many mentors on hand from AMT and several parents who joined our team to assist the kids in building their skills. The format we designed worked well, with the featured project and kit instruction providing enough structure, but leaving the choice of what to work on, which skills to build, and the possibilities of their imagination firmly in the hands of the kids. There was a beautiful community spirit present, which is the point of this whole program. Making as a part of our everyday life and relationships rather than compartmentalizing it into simply a hobby.

Feedback highlights from yesterday’s open lab:

“Thank you for a fun afternoon. We are totally enjoying the biosphere. We are all so grateful for what you and Chris have put together.”

“I am inspired by your efforts.”

“Awesome day today, thanks again for putting it together.”

“This is exactly what we needed!”

“I don’t know how you managed to keep 20 kids captivated about Biospheres, but you did! Amazing workshop!”

“We can’t wait to come back in two weeks!”

“We get to take this home?!!!”

To see photos from this weeks Open Lab, go to Ace Monster Toy’s photo stream.

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